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Home Hard Floor Stripping and Waxing

Hard Floor Stripping and Waxing Can Make Your Floors Look Like New!

After years of wear and tear, and layers of wax piling up call AmeriClean to have your vinyl, linoleum, VCT, laminate or seamless vinyl floors stripped and waxed. This will get the flooring back down to its bare base, removing all the built up mess. Once all the wax and mess has been stripped away, AmeriClean then applies multiple layers of wax to seal the base layer.

The Breakdown

Commercial & Residential Floor Stripping and Waxing

Floor careMost flooring that needs to be stripped will be obvious.  It will be either yellowing, dull, unclean able etc. Stripping is done by a series of steps. The products involved are very powerful and if used incorrectly could be dangerous and will not give the desired result. Leave it to the pros.

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AmeriClean's Professional, Thorough Commercial Floor Stripping Process

  1. Move all necessary furniture
  2. Sweep all loose dirt, sand etc.
  3. Apply the stripping solution to a small area.
  4. Let the product dwell & loosen the old finish & soil.
  5. Machine scrub with a Commercial floor machine fitted with a Strata-Grit or Nylo-Grit stripping brush. Some companies like to use stripping pads, but these quickly clog up with wax and are not nearly as effective.
  6. After wax is loosened wet vac up all the excess, then reapply more stripper and repeat step 5.
  7. Then we wet vac up the removed wax and chemicals, double rinse with clear water, move on to the next section and do steps 3 thru 6 all over again. This is done until the entire building is complete.
  8. We also use special edging brushes & long handle razor scrapers to get to all of the edges, corners, base boards and other areas the floor machine can not reach.
  9. Once all areas are complete, a final rinse is done, the flooring is inspected to ensure all removable dirt, wax, stains etc. are gone.
  10. At this point the reapplication of new floor finish can begin, anywhere from 5 to 12 coats will be applied.

Dont go it alone! Call the professionals at AmeriClean

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Why hire a professional to strip your floors:

Hard floor maintenance technicians are constantly subjected to dangerous situations, that is to say when you are constantly walking on a wet surface, you put yourself in harms way. To take it one step further, the most dangerous situation a floor maintenance technician will encounter is the stripping procedure—re-emulsified floor finish and extremely slippery surface. The technician in charge has the responsibility of safety for the crew, as well as everyone else in the building. In addition to slip-and-fall safety, there are other precautions technicians must be aware of.

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