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Fort Myers Hard Floor Cleaning, Floor Care & Floor Maintenance

Vinyl, Vct, Ceramic, Stone, Marble, Quarry tile, Wood, Laminate, you name it we'll make it look new again.

Keeping your hard floor beautiful and like new is difficult in the Fort Myers, Naples and Cape Coral areas. Beacuse of our climate our homes' hard floors take a lot of abuse. AmeriClean can handle any of your hard floor needs. Whether its a thorough cleaning, a hard floor strip and wax, or simply a clean and shine AmeriClean's 26 years of cleaning and maintaning hard flooring in homes and business across Southwest Florida provides them the knowledge to do your hard floor cleaning job right.

The Breakdown

Ameri-Clean Floor CareVinyl, Vct, Ceramic, Stone, Marble, Quarry tile, Wood, Laminate, you name it we'll make it look new again. At AmeriClean we use SC Johnson’s professional products line exclusively. These are among the finest materials on the market today. We combine this with certified technicians using state of the art equipment to give you the standard of excellence in floor care. We service and maintain over 49-million square feet of flooring every month, and have done so for years.

Vinyl flooring requires a specific amount of maintenance and care including at least a bi-annual stripping and refinishing combined with a regularly scheduled professional maintenance program. Along with this, you the customer, will need to provide a sweeping and wet mopping as often as possible with the recommended cleaner. All of these factors are crucial to the ongoing beauty and performance of your flooring. Stripping and refinishing of your flooring will remove any and all old wax, sealer, dirt, etc. Stripping is the most important procedure, one where most companies make their biggest mistake.

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The manufacturers recommend after stripping that a minimum of 5-coats of floor finish be applied. This will provide a reasonable amount of wear and durability along with a medium shine. This is the minimum amount of finish one should choose, we are asked to do this procedure approximately 10% of the time. The next step up from there would be to apply 6-coats of floor finish. This will provide even more wear and durability and of course, more shine. This choice we do approximately 25% of the time. Next up from there is the 8-coat process, of course giving more shine and durability still. We perform this process about 40% of the time. The next step from there would be the 12-coat process. This process provides the optimum amount of wear and durability and a fantastic shine. This process will give your floors a look you will love and be the most proud of . We provide this option approximately 25% of the time. Any of these whether it’s the 5, 6, 8, or 12-coat process will improve and protect your floors nicely, it’s simply a matter of choice.

Learn more about having your Fort Myers home floor stripped and waxed and why stripping and waxing is important in Naples and Cape Coral.

Has your LAMINATE flooring lost it's luster, no problem. AmeriClean can help. We'll make your laminate flooring look like new again, ask us how.

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Upon stripping and refinishing of your flooring the manufacturers recommend an ongoing maintenance program. Your flooring is designed and manufactured with this in mind. Your flooring must have regular professional attention. Whether it is done in-house or by AmeriClean, it simply must be done.

The following is a description of manufacturers’ recommendations:

  1. The most cost effective way to maintain your flooring is by a process known as a monthly machine scrubbing followed by recoating (or scrub and recoat). This is done by a thorough sweeping and dust mopping of the floor followed by a machine cleaning with a specific product formulated for this purpose. This will thoroughly clean the floor finish without removing it. Following the machine cleaning, the floor is then triple rinsed followed by an application of one coat of SC Johnson floor finish. The type of floor finish depends on your specific needs. This process needs to be performed a minimum of once per month. Your situation may require more than this process alone.
  2. If your situation calls for more than the minimum, the next step above the monthly scrub and recoat is to do a bi-monthly scrub and recoat. This will provide substantially more cleaning and protection for your flooring without severely increasing your costs.
  3. If your situation calls for something even more specialized, a customized floor maintenance program can be designed for you. Many medical, retail and high-end office buildings require more than the minimum manufacturers’ requirements. Yours may be more of a high speed type of program. For these situations we can combine various types of floor finish along with daily or weekly burnishing services, scrubbing and recoating and restoring.

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AmeriClean of Fort Myers has all of the equipment and expertise necessary to accommodate any of your hard floor cleaning needs including Naples and Cape Coral.

“We maintain over 49 MILLION SQUARE FEET 
of space every month”

got grout

Dirty, Moldy, Unhealthy Grout Changes The Way Your Tile Looks.

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groutLet AmeriClean take one more job off your hands (and knees) with a powerful, yet safe and gentle, cleaning process. Grout Work! Using a specially developed tile and grout cleaning solution and specialty machinery with a proprietary set of brushes, high-pressure, hot water rinse with a vacuum system, AmeriClean can restore clean and gleam to all your ceramic tile and grout surfaces - bathroom floors, kitchen floors, tiled foyers and entryways, tiled halls, and more.

Wood floors looking kind of beat up, don't worry, call us, we have the answers.