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Residential 2-step Scrub and Steam Clean Carpet Cleaning

Don't go for the standard hot water extraction alone...

A standard hot water extraction IS the tried and true carpet cleaning method. However, after 26 years experience, we at AmeriClean have determined the best method of cleaning carpets is a hybrid method. We use a deep scrubbing technology that is gentle on your carpet but hard on dirt. After the soft scrubbing we then use the hot water extraction to remove all the losened and captive dirt from your carpet.

The Breakdown

Southwest Floridians who have hired AmeriClean to clean their carpets, whether in Fort Myers, Naples or Cape Coral, have noticed how much technology has aided in cleaning their home carpeting. Leading the pack of carpet cleaners (or steam cleaners, which technically is a misnomer) in the Ft. Myers and Naples area, AmeriClean prides themselves on being at the forefront of this technological revolution in carpet cleaning. Using state-of-the-art equipment, techniques and carpet cleaning chemicals, AmeriClean provides a top-notch, thorough carpet cleaning for a very reasonable price.

Over the past 26 years in the carpet cleaning and janitorial industry, AmeriClean has continuously updated their equipment and carpet cleaning chemicals to better serve their clients in the SW Florida area. In addition to the carpet cleaning equipment and state of the art green cleaning solutions AmeriClean offers: comprehensive spot removal kits and certified carpet cleaning technicians to provide you the most complete carpet cleaning services available.

Manufacturers and Doctors including allergists agree, your home's carpeting should be steam cleaned no less than once a year!

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Unlike other carpet cleaners in Fort Myers, AmeriClean provides a 2 step carpet cleaning process. Unlike other steam cleaners in Naples or Cape Coral, their procedure first penetrates the encrusted dirt and stains to break loose the discolorations on your home's carpet. After a thorough scrubbing AmeriClean provides the hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, provided by many other carpet cleaning companies in Fort Myers or Naples. While hot water extraction is the industry standard for carpet cleaning, AmeriClean has found that by adding one more step they have perfected the art of carpet cleaning. This is why they are Fort Myers' carpet cleaner of choice. This does NOT mean that they are expensive. AmeriClean provides quality carpet cleaning in Naples and elsewhere at a very affordable price.

  1. Following the removal of furniture, your home's carpet is gently scrubbed with what looks akin to a hard floor scrubbing machine. This machine is equipped with a unique soft bristle brush made for deeply scrubbing fragile carpet fibers. While the brush gently spins, the cleaning shampoo is fed through the bristles to scrub deep and loosen the dirt, soil, spots, spills, oils, pet stains, smoke etc. that are tightly bound to the carpet fibers. The carpet cleaning properties of this solution along with the weight of the machine and the friction of the brush loosen much more soil from the carpet than a standard carpet steam cleaning can.
  2. This procedure involves what most of you would consider a standard carpet steam cleaning or hot water extraction. The carpet dirt soil, spots, spills etc. that the deep scrub has broken free from the carpet fibers are now rinsed and flushed out of the carpet along with the cleaning solution that was used to do so, leaving the carpet thoroughly rinsed and free from all contaminants.
  3. Virtually any spot or spill you may have on your carpeting will be broken loose and flushed out by this procedure. However for those stubborn spots and stains that do not come out initially AmeriClean has a suitcase full of specialty carpet cleaning products for these very spots. Long story short if it's humanly possible to get it out of your carpet AmeriClean will do so.
  4. Once that is all complete the DuPont Teflon protectant is applied to the carpet. AmeriClean will then move back all nessasary furniture.
  5. Once all of these steps are complete, a final grooming of the carpet is done with a carpet rake to work in the protectant and even up the carpet pile for more thorough drying.

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Allergens - Turn Your Head and Cough

AllergensEvery day, when you get home from work, you shed your shoes and jacket, and plop down next to the TV on your comfy shag carpet. Before you can exhale the stresses of the day, you go into a sneezing frenzy. Come to think of it, whenever the couple across the street comes over for dinner, your buddy joins you in a coughing fit while his wife looks bewildered at the two of you. What's going on?

The culprit is most likely right under your nose. Or your feet. Carpet is a virtual magnet for allergens like dust mites, pet dander, mold spores and other potentially aggravating proteins. Allergens are antigens, typically proteins, that provoke allergic reactions like coughing and sneezing in people withcarpet can cause allergies hypersensitive immune systems. Allergies can be triggered by many things found in your home such as carpet, which may contain 100 times more allergens than hard floors [source: e-healthy-homes].

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) defends its product, claiming that carpet fibers actually trap allergy-provoking substances like dust and pollen and prevent them from circulating in the air where you're more likely to encounter them. While this may be true for those of us blessed with more tolerant immune systems, medical professionals often advise people with severe allergies to remove wall-to-wall carpeting.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America agrees with the CRI: There are indeed more allergens on surfaces than in the air, but, the organization adds, the slightest movement can disturb them. That means that whenever you sit on that shag carpet, you're sending all those allergens airborne where they can circulate for several hours [source:Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America].

Allergens trapped in carpet are especially troubling for families with small children. Children's immune systems are more sensitive to foreign substances like the ones found in carpet, and they spend a lot of their time closer to the ground. So while a 6-foot-9-inch (2.1 meter) basketball player might not worry that 1 square meter (11 square feet) of carpet can average 67 grams (2 ounces) of dust, your crawling child might object. In fact, an infant could end up swallowing 10 grams (0.4 ounces) of that dust daily [source: Green Guide].

That's approximately three saltine crackers worth. Yuck.

Result: you can have less dust in the breathing zone over carpeted floors with routine vaccuuming and having your carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year.

The Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning

vacuum Whether you are moving into a brand new home, moving into a rental, or own your home, professional carpet cleaning is a necessary aspect of living healthy. Many people do not realize when they are purchasing a new home that the carpet could be holding various germs and dirt, even if the carpet was just installed in the home. Renters may believe that since the landlord cleaned the carpet prior to them moving in that the carpet is clean. Homeowners may not realize what is hiding in the fibers of their carpet down deep. Carpet cleaners in Fort Myers specialize in ridding your home of odors, dust mites, dirt, and grime that may be hiding deep in the fabrics of your carpet, rugs, drapes, curtains, and upholstery.

Professional carpet cleaners in Naples and Fort Myers realize the importance and know what could be hiding in carpets. Even new homes have dust mites and dirt under the carpet. When a home is built, the carpet layers do not clean the concrete prior to laying the carpet. In many cases, they only swept up the dirt. Whatever remained on the concrete floor will eventually seep its way into the carpet fibers. Workers spill things, throw down food, and many other gross things that you probably do not wish to even think about, prior to the carpet being laid. It is always a great idea to have the carpets cleaned by a professional cleaning service that can remove all the dangers.

For those wishing to rent a new home or apartment you may not know exactly who cleaned the property before you moved in. Moving in cleaning is an important step in the move. Most landlords do their own carpet cleaning on units to save them money. Just because someone puts water on carpet and then sucks it up, does not mean it was cleaned properly. The prior tenants could have had pets, made drugs, smoked, etc... all of this is hiding in your carpet. If you do not have a carpet cleaning service that knows the importance of deep cleaning you may not like to think about what your little one may be crawling on left behind by previous tenants.

As a homeowner, you should know the importance of keeping not only your carpet clean but also every rug in your home. Rug cleaning by professionals will ensure that the rug last longer and stays clean. Rugs made of all kinds of materials can hold in dirt and grim which cannot be vacuumed away. The only way to rid your home of odors often hiding in rugs, carpets, drapes, and upholstery is by professional cleaning.

Carpet cleaning in Naples and Fort Myers must be done by professionals in the area that understand the climate, the pests, and the allergens in the air. The only way to ensure you carpet and rugs are cleaned and free from dust, germs, and other hazards is by hiring professional carpet cleaners in Southwest Florida.

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Get Green and Stay Clean

How To Know That You Are Cleaning "Green."

Eco LabelsAre the proclamations of "natural" and "green" true? One of the trickiest aspects of evaluating the greenness of cleaners is the lack of federal oversight. Manufacturers have no legal obligation to list the ingredients in their entirety since doing so might reveal trade secrets. With more than 80,000 chemical compounds cleared for commercial purposes in the United States, the EPA only requires manufacturers to warn of toxicity. That means your all-natural X Brand cleanser may be slipping in some harmful chemical cousins under the radar. Companies cannot legally mislead consumers about the contents of their products, but there isn't a regulatory agency that defines what meets green standards. Instead, they can voluntary submit their products for review by the EPA's Design for Environment, Green Seal or other eco-labeling organizations for a stamp of approval.

Ecolabels, or third-party seals of approvals, are one of the best bets right now for deciding which household goods are truly green. The Global Ecolabelling Network defines products with ecolabels, not only better for the environment than competitors, but meet more rigorous criteria. To determine a product's worth, these third parties not only evaluate the substances, but also compare it to other market competitors. The EPA and Green Seal also have special ecolabels such as the EcoLogo that indicates no known carcinogens or mutagens among the ingredients. If you don't see a third-party stamp on the packaging, check out the list of ingredients. Many times, the closer you get to au naturalé, the more likely they truly are “green.”