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Janitorial service in Ft Myers, Cape Coral & Naples to keep your office clean

Commercial Janitorial Office Cleaning from AmeriClean

AmeriClean has been servicing Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples businesses for all their janitorial needs for the past 26 years. Many of our clients have been appreciating our janitorial office cleaning services for over a DECADE! Call us today and see the difference between our professional office cleaning and other fly-by-night discount cleaning companies.

The Breakdown

Janitorial services we offer to keep offices clean
in Fort Myers, Naples and Cape Coral

Janitorial Restroom Service

  • Clean & disinfect all office toilets, urinals, sinks, counters, etc.
  • Wipe all office partitions and high dust as needed
  • Polish chrome, bright work and mirrors in your office
  • Sweep & mop all office or other business style flooring
  • Restock all office restroom paper supplies, hand soap, etc. [from customers inventory]

Hard Surface Janitorial Cleaning

  • Sweep, dust mop, or vacuum office flooring followed by wet moping with the recommended cleaning solution 

Janitorial Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • Vacuum all carpeted areas of offices and stores in Fort Myers even Cape Coral and Naples
  • We use commercial back pack equipment for better janitorial carpet cleaning, accessibility and detail 

Office Trash Collection

  • Empty all office or store waste cans
  • Replace liners as needed to keep your office or store clean

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Janitorial Glass Cleaning

  • Clean office, store, or business door entry glass inside & out
  • Clean partition glass & interior mirrors of the business
  • Clean exterior window glass
  • Clean interior window glass 

Dusting Janitorial Service

  • Dusting of desktops, countertops, file cabinets, workstations, computer screens & keyboards, calculators, telephones, copiers. We dust anthing found on the desk of your office, store or business. These types of items are typically done each trip.
  • Dusting of picture frames, window sills, chair bases, blinds, switch plates, ledges, etc. This keeps the things that make your business or store pretty dust-free. These items are typically done once every 2-3 weeks.
  • Vacuuming air vents, air returns, ceiling fans, cobwebs and baseboards. This keeps your store, office or other business type allergin free for clean, easy breathing. This is typically done once per month.
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Dirt & Dust are Four Letter Words - got dust in your Southwest Florida office, call us for your janitorial cleaning

On-going office janitorial services help provide a clean comfortable workplace for you and your personnel. Nothing turns staff or customers off more than an unsanitary restroom or a smelly waste can. Professional office janitorial care can be provided at any level of expertise you desire. AMERI-CLEAN, a Fort Myers based carpet cleaning, floor care and janitorial company, is what’s known as a class “A” building service contractor. We are always striving to find new ways to excel, not just ride on the coat tails of our reputation. Our janitorial personnel are trained professionals whom we instill a solid work ethic. Management and communication along with years of experience make our office janitorial team the standard by which all others are judged.

trashAMERI-CLEAN of Southwest Florida supplies all equipment, cleaning agents, solutions and trash liners needed to provide janitorial service for your facility. Hand towels, toilet tissue, hand soap, etc. are to be supplied by you the janitorial service customer. We will restock yours dispensers for you with your products. As with many of our customers we can supply you with a per case price and have your supplies delivered to you.