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Office Leather and Cloth Upholstery Cleaning

You would be surprised how much life is left in your office furniture...

Many people don't consider the fact that their leather and cloth upholstered furniture can be cleaned and kept up adding years to their life. AmeriClean hand cleans leather and cloth upholstered furniture to help remove caked on dirt, dead skin, and dried up spills. Call AmeriClean today to have your office furniture looking years younger.

The Breakdown

upholstery cleaningLeather cleaning is done by hand, our system is approved by all manufacturers. We can do Leather auto interiors as well. Upholstery cleaning falls into two major categories. Water base clean, or dry-clean. Water base cleaning is the most widely used and the most cost effective. If a material is water base cleanable, then that’s the best choice. Darker colors & ruff textured materials are two of the major indicators of a water base cleanable material.

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White, off white, cream colored, smooth or polished surface finishes are strong indicators of a dry-clean only material. If you notice a halo, shadow, or a ring where a spill dried strangely this too would be indicate that a water base cleaning would not be recommended. Severe water staining, shrinkage, etc. can permanently damage your furniture. So, if it’s not water base cleanable be sure to have it dry-cleaned.


Is your car interior looking less than stellar? We can steam clean the seats, carpet, clean the leather. We can give you that new car smell & feel all over again. Call us.

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How to Know That You Are Cleaning "Green."

Eco LabelsAre the proclamations of "natural" and "green" true? One of the trickiest aspects of evaluating the greenness of cleaners is the lack of federal oversight. Manufacturers have no legal obligation to list the ingredients in their entirety since doing so might reveal trade secrets. With more than 80,000 chemical compounds cleared for commercial purposes in the United States, the EPA only requires manufacturers to warn of toxicity. That means your all-natural X Brand cleanser may be slipping in some harmful chemical cousins under the radar. Companies cannot legally mislead consumers about the contents of their products, but there isn't a regulatory agency that defines what meets green standards. Instead, they can voluntary submit their products for review by the EPA's Design for Environment, Green Seal or other eco-labeling organizations for a stamp of approval.

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Ecolabels, or third-party seals of approvals, are one of the best bets right now for deciding which household goods are truly green. The Global Ecolabelling Network defines products with ecolabels, not only better for the environment than competitors, but meet more rigorous criteria. To determine a product's worth, these third parties not only evaluate the substances, but also compare it to other market competitors. The EPA and Green Seal also have special ecolabels such as the EcoLogo that indicates no known carcinogens or mutagens among the ingredients. If you don't see a third-party stamp on the packaging, check out the list of ingredients. Many times, the closer you get to au naturalé, the more likely they truly are “green.”